Mission & Vision (Walkerton Minor Ball)

PrintMission & Vision

Walkerton Minor Ball’s Missions and Goals

1)      To promote, teach and grow the game of baseball in Brockton and the surrounding communities that are part of Walkerton’s WOBA Territory including the communities of Mildmay, Teeswater and Formosa.

2)      To promote, teach and grow the game of softball for the youth in Brockton

3)      To endeavor and have spirit of sportsmanship among all participants, spectators and players alike and to promote fair play and competition.

Acronyms used in document

WMB – Walkerton Minor Ball

WOBA – Western Ontario Baseball Association

ISA – Intercounty Softball Association


Executive and Officers of Walkerton Minor Ball

The Executive shall consist of the following roles:

1)      President

2)      Vice President of Baseball

3)      Vice President of Softball

4)      Treasurer

5)      Secretary

6)      Equipment Chair

7)      Uniform Chair

8)      Fundraising Chair

9)      Umpire in Chief

10)   Webmaster

*Note - A person can hold more than one role within Walkerton Minor Ball Executive.

Duties of the Executive


-        Preside over all WMB meetings

-        Be a signing officer for WMB

-        Be a singing officer on all bank accounts

-        When necessary, deal with all matters of discipline involving players, coaches or other team officials and chair the meeting with the discipline committee




VP of Baseball

-        In the absence of  the President or they are unable to act, the VP of Baseball will have the duties of the President

-        Attend WOBA meetings on behalf of WMB

-        Be the contact for WMB for the WOBA

-        Be a member of the Discipline committee

-        Oversee all activities in regards to the Baseball program including selection of teams and coaches

-        Ensure that all team rosters are submitted to the WOBA


VP of Softball

-        In the absence of  the President or they are unable to act, the VP of Baseball will have the duties of the President

-        Attend ISA meetings on behalf of WMB

-        Be the contact for WMB for the ISA

-        Be a member of the Discipline committee

-        Oversee all activities in regards to the Softball program including selection of teams and coaches

-        Ensure that all rosters are submitted to the ISA



-        Prepare an annual budget with the support of the members of WMB

-        Keep record of al monies received, deposited or dispersed

-        Responsible for paying all bills for WMB

-        Present updates of the finances of WMB at every meeting

-        Prepare final Financial report for the AGM




-        Record minutes at all WMB meetings and distribute to each member by email

-        Maintain a record of all sponsors for WMB

-        Arrange for the notice of the AGM to be placed on the Website, Facebook and local newspaper

-        Be a member of the Discipline Committee





Equipment Chair

-        Responsible for the purchase of new equipment for each season

-        Keep a record of equipment that WMB currently has so we know what we have and need

-        Responsible for the distribution of keys to the ball shed and the collection of those keys at the end of the season

-        Responsible for handing out the equipment bags to coaches at the start of the season as well as the collection at the end of the season


Uniform Chair

-        Responsible for maintaining inventory of uniforms (shirts, pants and belts)

-        Notify the executive if we are in need of ordering new uniforms

-        Prepare uniforms to be handed out to the teams at the start of the year

-        Collect uniforms back from coaches at the end of the season


Fundraising Chair

-        Prepare for the fundraising that we are going to do for the upcoming season

-        Contact the company we are using to acquire the orders sheets and determine when the order will be placed and when we will receive the product

-        Set up the date of delivery and get assistance as required


Umpire in Chief

-        Maintain list of umpires that are attending clinics and obtain their contact information

-        Schedule games at least two weeks in advance and email out schedule to the umpires

-        Obtain funds from treasurer to give to the coaches so they can pay their umpires for the season



-        Maintain the WMB website throughout the year with information pertinent to the parents and coaches such as adding upcoming events

-        Make sure that all games and practices are added to the website


Police Checks

-        Ensure that all coaches and volunteers have current police checks

-        Responsible for maintaining a database with the police checks




Other Jobs not assigned, and not a specific role on WMB executive

Team Pictures

-        Contact photographer to arrange for date for photos to be taken

-        Distribute envelopes to all coaches

-        Pick up photos when ready and distribute to the coaches



Player and Team Official Rules

1)      Age Limits

*Ages as of December 31st of the current season

Co-ed Divisions

T Ball – 4, 5

Minor Rookie – 6, 7


9U – 8, 9

11U - 10, 11

13U – 12, 13

15U – 14, 15

18U – 16, 17, 18




2)      Proof of Birth


Proof of birth is required with the initial signup with WMB, all subsequent years proof of birth will not be required



3)      Residency

For Baseball all players registered with WMB must reside within the territory as outlined by WOBA, if you do not reside within this territory you will require a transfer or release from your Home Centre. 

For Softball you must reside within Brockton or your Home Centre does not have a team. We will look at situations outside this on a case by case basis.



4)      Injuries

The Town of Walkerton, Walkerton Minor Ball Association and their agents undertake no responsibility for player injuries or any other liabilities whatsoever.  This rule will be so stated and acknowledged on all players and tournament registration forms of the Walkerton Minor Ball Association.

When a player returns from a serious injury they must have clearance from their doctor.

If a coach feels that a player is not capable of playing in a game, the coach shall be allowed to keep the player out of the game until they can seek medical attention.


5)      Refunds

Players Registration - We will give a full refund of registration fees if it is requested by May 31st.  We will look at refunds up to June 30th on a pro-rated based on the number of days from May 5th

Coaches – We will fully refund coaches for any courses that they take to coach a team for WMB.  To be reimbursed you must provide a copy of your receipt. 


6)      Equipment

All players in WMB need to provide their own batting helmet starting in Minor Rookie. If you are playing Girls Softball, you will also be required to have a mask on your batting helmet as well.


7)      Behavior

Behave in a respectful and honest manner towards all officials of the game as well as towards all players and coaches on all teams.

Players and Team Officials are responsible for the condition of the dugouts and field.  Please ensure that you leave the dugout clean of all garbage.

Profane language will not be tolerated. Any player or team official using such language will be subject to discipline.

Smoking in or around the dugout will not also be tolerated and will be subject to discipline.








Walkerton Minor Ball Bylaws



1)      All members of the executive have voting rights at all meetings

2)      Each person has only one vote regardless of the number of positions that you hold

3)      A recorded vote will be taken

4)      A quorum will consist of 5 members of the executive attending the meeting, if we have less than 5 members at the meeting we can discuss the agenda items but not vote.



1)      Any person interested in attending meetings of WMB are more than welcome to attend, however only the executive committee has the right to vote

2)      The Executive shall meet at least a minimum of 7 times/season including the AGM. The Meetings will be in January, February, March, April, June, September and October (AGM). Other meetings can be called at the discretion of the President


Selection of the Executive

1)      The executive shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The AGM will be held in the fall after the conclusion of the Season.

2)      All Executive Members must have a completed Police Check within the last 3 years including a vulnerable sector check.


 Discipline Committee

Will consist of 4 people, President, VP of Baseball, VP of Softball and Secretary. If any issues that arise that require discipline, this committee will meet with the parties involved to hear the issue and then will make a decision regarding what actions and discipline will be taken



Attending WOBA Board of Directors Meetings held in Listowel- $50/meeting in lieu of mileage

Attending ISA Board of Directors Meetings held in Elora - $72/meeting in lieu of mileage